Mowing the lawn is important for proper weed control and appearance. At mikes lawns, we use the best equipment for the job. We view lawn mowing as a blend of art and science, to be practiced to perfection.


For each yard, there is Trimming, that usually comes first. I make sure the edges are cleaned up with my Trimmer, and edge when needed. Trimming is essential for a good looking lawn.


Proper tree and shrub trimming is about maintaining good health, aesthetics and keeping your property and landscape safe from falling tree limbs. Established hedges require trimming to keep them dense and compact. Formal hedges require more frequent trimming than informal hedges. Maintenance trimming is generally carried out between spring and summer.


I believe in natural lawn care and using environmentally friendly products for the safety of your pets and children. Our work crews will arrive on time.


Proper Aeration is key to a nice green lawn. This is applied once or twice per year, to keep on top of thatch, and give proper nutrients to the soil. If you have some extra cash, it could be worth it.


I do weed out flower beds, and do some other small Weeding jobs, from time to time. For bigger jobs, I use my pick axe, which works quite efficiently. For bigger weed jobs, call those who specialize more in weeding.


Besides mulching from Mowing, I can buy mulch at a store with a list given from the home owner. If needed, I can fill my truck with mulch to spread on garden beds. Canadian Tire often has deals on mulch sitting outside of the store.


I do raking, when needed. One form is De-Thatching, using my manual rake for collecting dead grass. Also, raking mulch and leaf raking during the fall!


Dump runs is something I do all year long. I have a Ford Ranger truck, but I can do minor dump run jobs, sometimes requiring 2 or 3 trips. The cost of a dump run varies on what is being dumped, gas prices, and dump fees.


Winter time means cold weather, snow, sleet, and ice. For our clients Snow Removal likes to make the winter months as easy and stress free as possible.


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Is this website a joke ?

Comment by Anonymous

great plan! A page just for jokes… now, what are some?

Comment by mikeslawns

Why don’t u have self propelled mowers? Think about the hills. My name is brien keith I have no teeth I need my lawn cut with a scythe

Comment by brien keith

Can u weld those two mowers together and cut my 10acre field

Comment by snaggle

my dad has all the welding stuff…

Comment by mikeslawns

yes, they are self propelled dual place mowers.

one of the best on the market

Comment by mikeslawns

We need dethatching done.

Comment by Floyd & June Dahl

I would really appreciate an estimate please…

Comment by Julie

fully booked, sorry… there are probably 20 lawn care people in the Valley.

Comment by mikeslawns

I am FULLY Booked, for 2022……sorry all…..please try

( Brookfield Gardens, or Simons Lawn care ) 🙂

Comment by mikeslawns

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