Another employee at work

here is my buddy zach



Cemetery Clean-up Day

We had all had a great time with around 180 bags full of leaves.

Good turn out everyone. Here is a pic


Fall clean up

Its almost november, but there is still much work to be done. Everyone, get your rakes out… and mabye your snips.

Business is booming

from time to time i hire a helper.

the goal is to have a part time worker as i gain more clients.

here is a picture of jesse rafter


Some Lawn Repair

It is nice to know how to repair lawns when patches occur.

A client is always happy when they hire someone who knows what they are doing, or at least tries..


September sunshine

Going steady as new clients emerge.

Spread the word; Mikes Lawns is in town.



Dingwall Church Mow #12

James and I had a big day. I thought it was time for a pic. The Hondas are gold. Do not get these mowers. Please dont.